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      Poll Site Locator is an online, simple-to-use voter information application.

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      New York City - 2012

      Occasionally adversity leads to opportunity.

      On October 29-30, 2012 "Super Storm" Sandy ravaged the New York metropolitan area rendering this vibrant hub into a darkened and dormant shell without power or means of communication. Lower Manhattan looked like a warzone. With just a week to go before the Presidential Election, New York City's Election Administrators faced the near impossible task of readying the event for the city's four million voters.

      Elbow-to-elbow with the City's Board of Elections team, our staff tirelessly worked around the clock in the eerie darkness of downtown and beyond. In between bringing up the Disaster Recovery site in Queens, setting up stop-gap cloud services and helping to execute numerous poll site changes for the affected areas, we rested in our cars sitting in the endless lines of the few gas stations in operation. The work paid off as voters experienced a near-normal election.

      Immediately following this successful event, our team began building a disaster-proof election platform called ElectionHub.

      The ElectionHub platform brings over a decade's worth of election software experience into the cloud stack. With a la carte "Spoke Apps" like PollSiteLocator.com, ElectionDayWorker.com, ElectionResponder.com and ElectionAPI.com the ElectionHub platform is the model for safe and secure, continuous operation providing resilience in the face of adversity.

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      Empower Your Voters

      Whether in the wake of a disaster or not, getting accurate and timely information out to your voters is critical. Poll Site Locator reaches voters wherever they are and keeps them current. This spoke app is optimized for viewing on a smartphone, tablet or desktop screen. With one simple address search from any device, your voters have instant access to the latest poll site information. They see where to vote—along with Google Maps™ directions from their current location or home address, a list of upcoming elections, a full contest list, access to a sample ballot and much more.

      When changes occur, through unplanned events or regular redistricting, voters can subscribe to email alerts. We handle all the leg-work so you just sync the site and sit back while all your Change Notices are delivered electronically. Your voters will be up-to-date and confident come Election Day. Let us help you empower your voters!

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      Make it Yours

      We live in a vast and diverse world, full of natural beauty. Your public-facing software should embrace your unique corner of the world!

      Poll Site Locator is fully customizable. You can choose a vibrant cover photo and color scheme (or let our designers choose for you) and additional branding images for your organization. Branding images let you customize the site as well as any email communications with your voting public. Add prominent links back to the main areas of your own website to help voters and other visitors reach their web destinations faster. Add supported languages and upload your own translations or let our team provide them for you. Incorporate your own social networking buttons that point directly to your social pages to continue the conversation. They're your voters. Who knows them better than you?

      We will provide you with your own subdomain (e.g. nyc.pollsitelocator.com) that you can use to promote your custom-branded site. We can provide you with QR Codes (those boxy barcodes that smartphones use to target links) and other marketing materials. You know your voters; let us give you the tools to reach out in your own unique way.

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      Your Data, On-Demand

      Our mission after Super Storm Sandy was to develop a platform that delivered election information quickly, accurately and reliably with a minimum of manual intervention. Elections Administrators had to make many instantaneous decisions, adapting as conditions warranted. We needed a system that reacted to events and decisions as they occurred.

      Slink Sync (System-elect’s-link-to-ElectionHub data synchronizer) was created to meet this need.

      Slink Sync is a background application that you can install on your server. It creates a secure connection to the ElectionHub spoke apps and keeps the data in sync. Set it to run on a schedule or sync with the click of a button. You decide when approved changes "Go Live" to the public site.

      Our team will work with you to connect directly to your Election data wherever it lives. From then on, you have full control. If a voter has signed up for email alerts, Slink Sync will detect any significant changes in the data and will handle the leg-work of sending an email directly to the voter's inbox with a detailed explanation of what has changed. Your voters will know as soon as the data is synchronized--not too soon, not too late!

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      Part of the ElectionHub.com Platform

      Poll Site Locator is just the beginning. Want poll worker/election judge recruitment and training tools? How about an Election Day response system with GPS tracking and barcode scanning? No problem! Sign up for Poll Site Locator, and you are automatically connected to the most powerful election platform-as-a-service (PaaS) on the planet--ElectionHub.com!

      Election Hub allows you to manage and sign up for spoke applications like: ElectionDayWorker.com, ElectionAPI.com, ElectionResponder.com and more. The platform is flexible and will expand to fit your growing election administration needs. The best part is, you control the services you use!

      Could your election system leave you stranded in a storm one day? If you’re not sure, rely on the resilience of ElectionHub to meet all your election management needs.

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